Considerably more than a century, in fact, because the original farm on the site probably became the Hôtel-Café du Pont de l’Ouysse in1886, when a stone bridge was built across the little river and the workmen spread the news of the splendid country meals provided by the farmer’s wife.

Since then, the kitchen was passed from mother to son, from father to son-in-law and then, in the beginning of 1977, to another daughter and son-in-law, Marinette and Daniel Chambon, who were first honoured with a Michelin star 12 years later.

One constant belief shared by each generation: an abiding love and respect for the bounties of nature and the unsurpassed quality of the local produce immediately to hand.

The fifth generation has now taken up the torch. Stephane and Mathieu – sons of Daniel and Marinette, have both been trained scrupulously in the hotel-restaurant business in France and internationally, now ensure the succession of this gastronomic family history.

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